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Why Food Justice?

Food Access means that the most vulnerable and disenfranchised within the community of Skyway have access to healthy and nutritious food.  Unfortunately, the urgency to meet this goal increased significantly due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis.


The Urban Food Systems Pact was formed out of the emergency feeding programs we launched to keep our community fed during the COVID-19 crisis.  We discovered that the existing system of food banks and pantries was not meeting the needs of Skyway community members, and we stepped in to fill the gaps. 


We intend to continue feeding our community as long as there is a need -- while we work to close the gaps and move toward a Just Food System! 

Food Justice means recognizing and responding to an existing food system that is unjust, inequitable, and harmful, and working towards a new food system that supports and creates equity, justice, and health for all.

What Food Justice Looks Like


People of color growing food for ourselves and our communities on our own land

Image by Owen Bruce

Living wages for everyone who grows, handles, cooks, and distributes food


 Educational and career opportunities for people in our community as scientists, farmers, advocates, policy-makers, chefs, educators and every other role in the food system

Image by Giacomo Berardi

Partnering with our Indigenous brothers and sisters who are reclaiming food and land sovereignty


Affordable options to purchase nutritious and fresh food in our neighborhood


Advocating for government, school, and other institutional food policies that benefit all people and the environment

Food Justice means ALL people have access to food that is nutritious, culturally relevant, fresh, and good to eat!  Food Justice means shifting the power in the food system out of the hands of corporations and the privileged few, and into the hands of the people and the many! 

Lakeridge Hill 1.jpg

The current food system in Skyway denies residents access to healthy foods and to meaningful, well-paying jobs in the food and agricultural sector.  


We seek to unite the community around a Food Justice action plan that creates a new Urban Food System that supports the physical, emotional and spiritual health, economic opportunity, and creativity of all Skyway residents.

Skyway is home to the largest African-American stronghold in the state of Washington, and the Urban Food Systems Pact celebrates and centers Black leadership in the re-imagining of our Urban Food System.

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