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Skyway's Local Foods, Local Places Community Action Plan

The Skyway Urban Food Systems Pact is pleased to announce the release of Skyway's Local Foods, Local Places Community Action Plan! A huge thank you to the 100+ community members who participated in the development of this plan, during our October 2021 community action planning workshop and at other meetings throughout the last year. We can't wait to come together with you in the next phase -- implementation and action! The plan includes the following 4 main goals, each of which is accompanied by specific actions:

Goal 1 – Champion and engage the community around the breadth of economic development opportunities connected to the food system.

Action 1.1 – Create a culturally diverse farmers market and connection to BIPOC farmers (“For Us, By Us” Skyway Vendors), local gardeners, local chefs, beekeepers, agriculture teachers, and arts/cultural programs; secure its funding; and develop a structure that can host events by Spring/Summer of 2022.

Action 1.2 – Establish an entrepreneurial incubator that can provide business training specific to the Skyway community, workforce training, and access to funding to support aspiring and growing small, local businesses.

Goal 2 – Deepen organizational partnerships and coordination around food initiatives.

Action 2.1 – Establish the Skyway Resource Center as a valued, community-led and -owned asset by creating partnerships that maximize its use and potential and incorporate a centralized hub for community members to access food.

Action 2.2 – Coordinate plans to establish a new community center that incorporates a commercial kitchen that can support BIPOC restaurants, local food trucks, cooking classes, and other programs and small businesses for the Skyway community.

Goal 3 – Increase affordability and equitable and physical access to health-promoting local foods preferred by the community.

Action 3.1 – Develop a thriving and sustainable emergency food access system led by and for Skyway residents, that offers nutrient-rich and culturally-relevant foods and health education.

Action 3.2 – Engage community in the design, activation and maintenance of the new “Black Panther” community garden in Skyway.

Action 3.3 – Introduce a garden education program that uses a “train the trainer” model to build a cohort of garden educators within Skyway, building the community’s capacity to grow its own food and thereby increasing community health and resilience.

Goal 4 – Shape the environment to shift hearts and minds toward community health and wealth.

Action 4.1 – Champion each new affordable housing development within Skyway to place or create urban agricultural essentials on their site development plan.

Action 4.2 – Starting with the Skyway Resource Center, ensure that our community is beautiful, welcoming, safe, inclusive, and adorned with art that celebrates the cultural diversity of the community, and replicate this at events and other places in Skyway.

Action 4.3. – Host a regular event where health/wealth practitioners (dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, pediatricians, resume-writing assistants, financial advisors, business mentors, farmers, chefs, etc.) all gather to host a fun and welcoming space that celebrates community diversity.

We invite you to take a look at the full text of the plan and its appendices -- and get involved! Please sign up for our mailing list for updates on upcoming meeting dates, and/or reach out to for more information on how to get involved!

LFLP_Skyway_Action Plan_Final
Download PDF • 3.20MB

Download PDF • 2.73MB

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