About Us

Why the Skyway Community?


Skyway is the heart and soul of Seattle-King County.  We are proudly diverse.  Our community is strong and growing despite being ignored and overlooked by government and private investment for decades.  We are home to people of all incomes, and we are resisting the pressures of gentrification and displacement.  We are here to stay.  By centering a just and equitable Food System in Skyway, we honor and center the voices of BIPOC communities that have been ignored for too long. 

We use the name "Skyway" to refer to the entire neighborhood sometimes called "Skyway - West Hill."   

Skyway is home to the largest African-American stronghold in the state of Washington, and the Urban Food Systems Pact celebrates and centers Black leadership in the re-imagining of our Urban Food System.

Play this video to hear more about who we are and what we do for the Skyway Community.

Who We Are

The Urban Food Systems Pact (UFSP) is a Black- and women-led collective of Community Members, Faith-Based Leaders, Black and Brown Farmers, Community Based Organizations and the Renton School District that is hosted by the Skyway Envision Center.

Our Collective Impact Aims

We are embarking on a Collective Impact model to guide our work.  Members of the UFSP Partnership are working together to identify and commit to a Common Agenda, Shared  Measurement, Mutually Reinforcing Activities, and Continuous Communication. The Urban Food Systems Pact core team serves as the "Backbone Organization" for our Collective Impact model.

What We Do

We are working in partnership to build a just and equitable local food system within the Skyway Community. Our work aims to dismantle the inequities and structural racism that exist in the broader food system from the farm to the dinner table.  


We are visioning and creating a new set of relationships around food and agriculture with justice at the center.  The current food system in Skyway denies residents access to healthy foods and to meaningful, well-paying jobs in the food and agricultural sector.  We are developing a Food Justice Community Action Plan.  This plan will lay the groundwork for a new Urban Food System that supports the physical, emotional and spiritual health, economic opportunity, and creativity of all Skyway residents.


With these objectives in mind, our current and upcoming activities include:

  • Food Justice Education, Workshops & Action Planning

  • Food Justice Advocacy

  • Career Pathways in Urban Agriculture Programs

  • Grounds for Peace (Urban Gardening Programs)

Commitment (Our Guiding Principles)

These are our "draft" guiding principles, based on initial community input. We are continuing to refine these with additional input from UFSP partners.

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect

  • Reliable, sustained commitment to Skyway 

  • Center Black voices and leadership

  • Foster belonging across Skyway’s diverse community

  • Support and prioritize community-leadership and community-based organizations

  • Take a holistic approach to health and well-being

  • Transparent communications

Meet The UFSP Core Team

Cherryl Jackson-Williams

Renton School District

Cherryl Jackson-Williams

(Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, Renton School District) has over thirty years experience supporting youth and families, within the behavioral health, social and human services, and family and community engagement fields. She excels at building partnerships amongst government, for profit and nonprofit entities, driven by a deep appreciation for how effective partnerships can improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable amongst us. Cherryl is an Alumni of the University of Tulsa holding a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology as well as the New College of California where she has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology.

Sarah Lindsley

Sarah Lindsley

The Urban Food Systems Pact

Project Manager

Sarah Lindsley, Ph.D. (Project Manager, The Urban Food Systems Pact), is owner and CEO of Sarah Lindsley Consulting, a community development consulting company.  Her work is informed by more than two decades of experience in community organizing, progressive political advocacy, academia, and government service. Sarah also worked as a farmhand on organic vegetable and sheep farms in her early career; being part of UFSP re-connects to her deep-rooted passion for food justice and sustainable agriculture.

Kimberly Sopher-Dunn

New Birth Center for Community Inclusion

Kimberly Sopher-Dunn is the Director of Education & Community Capacity Building with New Birth Center for Community Inclusion, the co-Pastor at New Birth Ministries (with her husband, Pastor Scipio Dunn), and the founder of The Petah Villages, a newly formed Outdoor Preschool in Skyway. She is a social-justice preacher, singer/songwriter, community-based educator and author, with a Doctorate in Education in Transformative Education from Simon Fraser University.  Her goal is to realize a Sustainable Ecosystem for the Skyway Community, and her deepest desire is to magnify the voices of those impacted by the lack of nutritional self-healing foods and environmentally safe spaces.

La Tanya V.H. Dubois

La Tanya V.H. DuBois

The Silent Task Force

Jamie Jackson

The Dare2Be Project

Jamie Jackson (Executive Director, The Dare2Be Project) is a servant leader, and passionate about social justice issues, with Food Justice being premier. She is an Alumni of the University of Eastern Washington holding a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Social Science.  As a UFSP Core Team member, her focus is on leveraging The Dare2Be Project’s workforce programs to build agricultural trade related pathways for Skyway Community Members.

Ryan Quigtar

 Renton Innovation Zone Partnership

UFSP Community Leadership Team

Wisdom Johnson
Claude Burfect

Yajaira Ambrosia

Wisdom Johnson

Claude Burfect

Whitney King

Whitney King

Pranay Chand

Sherry Dione

 Pranay Chand

Nailah Dunn

Israel G

Avery Huff

Mark Tate

Gerald Bradford

Dr. Oneita Jordan

Gloria Smith

Israel Gebremariam

Faith-Based Partners

New Birth Center for Community Inclusion
Restoration House Ministries Northwest
Holy Temple Evangelistic Center
Restore & Repair Missionary Church

Seattle Word

of God Church

Community-Based Organizations

The Dare2Be Project
The Silent Task Force
Renton Innovation Zone Partnership



NAACP-Seattle King County
Skyway Resource Center

Farm Partners

Nurturing Roots

Institutional & Governmental Partners

Renton School District